Sunday, January 27, 2008

Squares, of all sizes………………

In the middle of 2007, StonePeak Ceramics contacted 423 Photography about doing several product shots around the city of Phoenix, AZ.  Different businesses here had installed tiles manufactured by StonePeak Ceramics and a handful were to be included in the 2008 advertising campaign.
The first two locations were shot soon after the initial conversations I had with the tile company.  First, an Italian ice cream shop owned and operated by two brothers using family recipes to make some excellent gelato:

Then, a design center with a focus on improving the business workplace through design owing to the concept of Benefits of a Balance Workplace Environment:

The last two locations were actually the same business but two separate entities.  One, the billing office of several doctors and the second, one of their patients' centers:

With tile installation delays out of the way, the last two locations were completed in late 2007.  Fortunately, I was able to get the photography done just in time to get all the photo files in the hands of StonePeak Ceramics and they, in turn, to the printer.

Now, to wait for the marketing material to be unveiled in early 2008!!

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