Wednesday, June 13, 2007

CareScape, a tall order.......

I recently finished a shoot for CareScape, a landscape management company based out of Surprise, AZ, who had contacted me, at 423 Photography, to do photography for their marketing. Naturally, I was thinking landscape shots, but the objective in this case was to capture the work crews, management, and vehicles used by CareScape. Within the course of our discussion it was agreed that a scissor lift would be needed to get the right perspective and several hours would be needed to roll everyone and the vehicles on and off the field. Lunch, scouting the location for the shoot, and throw in some talk and we were set to make history. Now, it’s one thing to know that I’ll be shooting from a 49ft. scissor lift, but it’s another thing to see it delivered on a flat bed eighteen wheeler!

Orchestrating the photography for 200+ people (feel free to count, I’ll take their word on it) and the vehicles was quite a task, but fun, nonetheless……………… walkie-talkies and an assistant are very helpful (thank you, Angela!)

Preparing to shoot the candid shots of the crew and managers flashing the thumbs up sign (part of the company logo), while atop the scissor lift, was an amusing challenge......... I had to call people out making the bunny-ear hand sign over a co-worker’s head. Guess it doesn’t matter what your age is, it’s still the photo shoot stunt to pull!

Please don’t e-mail me with comments from things you see in the photo of the crew doing or wearing……… :- )
I’ll turn the photo into a “find Waldo” shot!

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