Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Shades of Havana, an oasis in the desert………….

Nestled in the middle of the Arizonan desert, amongst the urban sprawl, is a tobacconist shoppe that has risen from the ashes like the Phoenix and has been reborn with the name Shades of Havana. The new name and redesign of the shoppe needed publicity to further promote itself to its current customers and reach out to cigar aficionados unfamiliar to the treasure trove of premium hand-rolled cigars. Brothers Eric and Sean Parkinson contacted me at 423 Photography to work with them to provide photography for an ad that would run in the June/July issue of the Arrowhead Life magazine.

Our three-hour photo shoot produced many great images from which the final five made the cut for the ad.

Along with the unveiling of the new name and redesign of the shoppe, Eric and Sean are excited to roll out a one-of-a kind cigar, available only at Shades of Havana! The Scorpion, by Camacho Cigars, is proudly débuted for the world, who is invited to come and try a bold, unique taste.

Working with Christian Eiroa, the President of Camacho Cigars, the idea for the Scorpion was conceived and made into a reality while the brothers were in Honduras visiting the Camacho Cigars plantation. Topping off the culmination of the release of the Scorpion was Christian’s visit to Shades of Havana, his only appearance this year to any of the scheduled Camacho Cigars’ events.

Visit the brothers at Shades of Havana or better yet, find a retreat from the sun and visit them at their shoppe located in Peoria, AZ on the corner of 75th Ave. & Paradise Ln.


Anonymous said...

I've had the pleasure of knowing Keith for the last two years. When it came time to pick a photographer for our first ad, it couldn't have worked out better. Keith really listened to our ideas, and then helped to sharpen them. The utmost of professionalism and quality I've had the pleasure of working with.

Eric E. Parkinson
Owner, Shades of Havana Fine Cigars

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